David Crockett High School

Case Study #1
David Crockett High School Jonesborough, Tennessee

Project Date - 1996

Project Background:

David Crockett High School was constructed in the 1970’s in Washington County, Tennessee in the city of Jonesborough. The complex consisted of rectangular and circular structures that coalesced into a single unified design with 105,000 square feet of roof area. Eleven of the structures have circular roofs; each roof varied in area and height.

The Problem:

Over the years, the building was beset with continual leaks. The Washington County Board of Education needed a cost effective roof solution. Not only did the roofing solution need to be cost effective, it also had to be aesthetically appropriate.

The Solution:

The Washington County Board of Education contracted Beeson, Lusk & Street Architectural Associates of Johnson City, Tennessee who immediately teamed with Carlisle SynTec Systems and Morristown Roofing to develop a reroofing solution that would meet their specifications. After extensive collaboration, the team determined a mechanically-fastened and ballasted roofing system was the appropriate solution.


Morristown Roofing needed to install 102,500 square feet of .045” thick membrane on eleven circular structures and rectangular shaped auditorium. Given the unusual angles and shapes of the roof, material usage and yield avoidance were critical. In addition to complex roof shapes and elevations, working conditions that included unseasonably cold temperatures, ice and snow threaten to delay the project.


Morristown Roofing met these challenges. Roy Melton, the project foreman, along with a crew of seventeen (17) men, completed the project on time and within budget. The skill and craftsmanship applied to this project, netted Morristown Roofing Carlisle SynTec Systems’ highest inspection rating. The Washington County School Board now includes Morristown Roofing among its preferred vendors.